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We at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI analyze the framework conditions for innovations. We research the short- and long-term developments of innovation processes and the impacts of emerging technologies and services on society. Based on this, we are able to provide our clients from industry, politics and science with recommendations for action and perspectives for important decisions. Our expertise lies in our broad scientific competence and our interdisciplinary and systems research approach.

With currently 190 staff members from science, technology and management, we are a competent, motivated team whose scientific expertise and systemic research approach fulfills the diverse requirements of our clients. The innovation course is carried out by staff members from the competence center Policy - Industry - Innovation.

As an internationally leading innovation research institute we closely cooperate with our partners at the University of Kassel, the Technical University Berlin, the Université de Strasbourg, the ETH Zurich, Virginia Tech in the US and the Institute of Policy and Management (IPM) in Beijing and thereby  guarantee diverse perspectives of the research field. For many years we have fostered research co operations with European and non-European countries, North- and South America, Asia and South Africa. We have  a special relationship with China and Russia and have established co operations with research institutions in India and Brazil.




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