Course concept

This course deals with the complexity of the innovation process and its modules offer a deeper insight into Fraunhofer ISI's perspective of different subject areas. It is intended to sharpen the holistic view of the "bigger picture" and promote an understanding of the systemic nature of innovation processes.

Fraunhofer ISI provides mainly findings from its own research activities in this course. Modern teaching concepts are used to convey the theoretical and practical knowledge of ISI researchers and, where possible, this is supplemented by practical examples from our work. The modules have been developed by acknowledged experts in the respective subject areas.

The courses will be held twice a year on fixed dates, and are made up of a combination of different modules. These courses will be held in German only. Please use this link for an Overview of the modules. A course module lasts 4 hours (incl. coffee break(s)), so that 2 modules can be offered on one day. Given their key significance for all modules in the course, Module 1 (key terms in the context of innovation) and Module 2 (innovation system concept) are offered in every course.

Alongside the courses on fixed dates, we also offer courses on demand (also in English). In these individual courses, the topics to be covered can be tailored to the specific demands of the participants. The modular design of the innovation course makes it possible to react flexibly to specific interests and needs because the modules can be freely combined. The four hour duration of the individual modules can be expanded if required so that, e.g. it is also possible to organize a whole day event on a specific topic. This creates scope for more interactive elements and for dealing with selected topics in more depth. The costs depend on the respective structure of the course. More details about courses on demand are given here.




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