International Feed-In Cooperation

The International Feed-In Cooperation is a joint project between - until now - Germany, Spain and Slovenia. These three countries are convinced that feed-in tariffs are most suitable to effectively and efficiently promote renewable energies for the generation of electricity and would like to contribute to the improvement and the spreading of this policy instrument. The Cooperation has therefore been initiated to exchange experience on feed-in systems and help other countries improve their existing, or introduce new feed-in systems.

October 24, 2013

10th Workshop of the International Feed-In Cooperation (IFIC) in Brussels
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January 2012

9th workshop of the International Feed-In Cooperation (IFIC) took place in Athens.  - Greece joined the IFIC.
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November 2010

8th Workshop on 18/19th November 2010 in Berlin. 
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September 2009

New flyer on the International Feed-In Cooperation
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May 2009

Presentations from the 7th workshop in Ljubljana are available.
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Nov. 18, 2008

Presentations from the 6th workshop in Brussels are available.
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