Project Team

The study is conducted by Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW).

Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI

The Fraunhofer ISI, located in Karlsruhe, Germany, was established in 1972 to complement the techno-scientific spectrum of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FhG, Fraunhofer Society for the advancement of applied research) by interdisciplinary research at the interface of technology, economy and society. Research at the Fraunhofer ISI is carried out in the form of contract research. It’s most important clients are the Commission of the European Union, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), The Office of Technology Assessment at the German Parliament (TAB) and several industrial companies. By its research and consulting activities, Fraunhofer ISI anticipates risks, opportunities and barriers associated with technology development, and help to promote the neces-sary process of adaptation and innovation. As an interdisciplinary innovation research institute, Fraunhofer ISI develops new concepts for the application of modern technologies and for innovative technology-related services, organises and evaluates pilot schemes and functions as a catalyst in innovative areas.

Team members

Dr. Timo Leimbach

Dr. Simone Kimpeler

Centre for European Economic Research

The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim is a non-profit and independent institute with the legal form of a limited liability company (GmbH). Founded in 1990 on the basis of a public-private initiative in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in co-operation with the University of Mannheim, ZEW is one of Germany's leading economic research institutes.
Work in the current project will be undertaken by the research group information and communication technologies at ZEW. This research group studies economic aspects of the production and use of information and communication technologies (ICT). The group investigates how human capital, firms, and markets should be optimally organ-ised in order to fully exploit the potentials offered by ICT for growth and employment. With a focus on empirical and microeconomic methods, the group’s research is con-cerned in particular with how economic processes are changed on a sustained basis due to the adoption and diffusion of ICT.

Team members

Prof. Dr. Irene Bertschek

Dr. Daniel Cerquera